Friday 4/18

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       By meganberry On Apr 19, 2014

Friday Update from Wendy Berry's facebook: 

Megan is improving. It's been 1 week! Alex B brought her an ipod shuffle loaded with awesome music. (Thank you) She was in quite a lot of pain at 3am and decided to listen to music and started humming. I asked if she was going to sing me a song and she did! more like a whisper. 
The song was "I won't Give Up" Yup, made me cry!! I think it will bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it now. Then she asked me to lay beside her and listen so that's how the nurses found us at 6am. She slept, I watched her. Not a lot of room on her hospital bed! The surgeon told us that most patients don't make it to the hospital with internal injuries like hers. They took her into surgery this morning for a 3 hour procedure, her last of 5 operations since last Friday. 4.5hrs from start to end. Dr Kahn said it went well. 
She still has abdominal pain that they are watching. When she came to after surgery, she thought she was just really sore from snowboarding! ha ha 
Megan is very grateful for all the flowers, her room smells so pretty.

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