Megan on the rise!!

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       By meganberry On Apr 16, 2014

Hi everyone!

Firstly... Thank you so so sooooo much to those who have either donated with their time, their funds, by passing along info and the fundraising links... or all the above! It's so encouraging to see everyone from all areas of Megan's life pulling together to support her and her family in many ways.

Megan is making major improvements... that girl is really something else. Between last Friday and yesterday when I have visited with her I would say I went from feeling shock (in horror) of how serious our friend/daughter/sister/loved one, condition was to feeling shock that the body can begin healing so quickly... with a lot of help from very qualified and caring doctors, nurses and support staff... it's truly miracle in the works.

Yesterday she was very coherrant and had that sassy Megan 'tude going ... loved it! She is obviously in a lot of pain and her body is still in the major trauma phase of recovery, but her tough, restless personality is evident in her movement in the bed and having a hard time staying still... which is criticial right now in order for her to recover and heal properly.... so be encouraging to her that she be patient with her care and healing process. I know it's natrual to want to say things like "can't wait to get back out there..." and "we'll bust you out of here!" but remember for a gal like her that needs/wants to be on the go all the time, it's tough to be concealed to a bed... keep encouraging her to heal and do what is neccessary for the biggest physical feat of her life to be successful! 

Ok so I will get some more updates on here from her mom and get the details .... I know everyone is very curious about that!

Be blessed!


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