Update 06/04/2015

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       By ninalangley On Mar 06, 2015

We honestly can't believe the generosity and lovely comments from so many people wanting to donate towards treatments for Nina.

Its been a horrendous journey so far and without so many people behind her she wouldn't have had any positivity.

Nina was recently told that there were many more lesions on her liver than we were first told. At first we were told 'A few'....Then we were told several. Just the other day we were told it was in double figures spread all over the liver. She was also told that the only treatment available to her was the basic Chemo which wouldn't get her better but would just hopefully prolong her life.

We were then told that because of this Nano Knife would not be suitable at this time because of the extent of the damage and that no other treatment was available. So she was just given time... Something myself and everyone who loves her refused to except as final.

We have recently seen more specialists, and one in particular offering Nina the option of a different much stronger structure of Chemo with some other very heavy drugs thrown into to mix. One of which that was recommended to us was Avastin, a drug we had originally hoped for which has shown to be very effective in 50% of people with Nina's condition. This is with a hope that it will shrink the tumours down enough so that she can have other second line treatments such as liver resection, Nano/ cyber knife etc.

We have had it explained that this combination has a 50% chance of success, is only offered to a very select criteria of people to which Nina fits into, but will really take its toll on her and she'll have to be very strong to get through it.

She is extremely brave and after a day considering all the side effects is going to go for it for that 50% chance. I couldn't be more proud of her.

I can't express the level of fear we are going through as a family right now so can't thank you all enough for giving her more of a fighting chance with your kind words of motivation, advice and donations to her. 

Thank you all so much

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  1. # sally said

    Posted Mar 24, 2015

    Cannot imagine what you are going through. Stay strong and have faith, sending you my Love xxx

  2. [Image: Donna123]

    # Donna123 said

    Posted Mar 09, 2015

    Sending love, but you must never 'give up' xxxxxxxx

  3. [Image: aishlingrowe]

    # aishlingrowe said

    Posted Mar 09, 2015

    So sad news. I would highly recommended Chinese medicine as an alternative. This should not inter...

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