When raising money online, you want a website that's easy, safe and secure. It also needs to help you raise as much money as possible.





CauseWish is refined to do just that. Here's what seperates us from some of our largest competitors:






 CauseWish: Create your fundraising page and go live in under 5 minutes

 Competitors: Fundraising page approval processes, lengthy forms to fill out








CauseWish: Payments are delivered to you instantly. No waiting

Competitors: Delays incurred while you wait to receive a check in the post








CauseWish: Accepts payments through debit / credit cards and PayPal accounts

Competitors: Don't support PayPal, a commonly preferred payment method








CauseWish: A personal fundraising coach for every fundraising campaign

Competitors: Not available or offered at a premium








CauseWish: Manage and promote your fundraiser directly from your personal dashboard

Competitors: Basic fundraising page share buttons







  CauseWish: Following a donation, we prompt each donor to spread the word and share your page

  Competitors: Let donors escape








  CauseWish: Extensive donor management tools such as automated thank you emails, checkout customization

  Competitors: Not available








  CauseWish: Clean and crisp fundraising page designs - optimized to increase visitor to donor conversions

  Competitors: Bland, dated








  CauseWish: Competitive total fee averaging 6.9% (4% CauseWish fee and 2.9% PayPal fee)

  Competitors: Significantly higher fees (up to 12%)







  CauseWish: Available internationally and in over 20 currencies

  Competitors: Restricted to the USA and US$







  CauseWish: Crowdfunding website structure - increasing exposure to public causes

  Competitors: Inability to browse fundraising campaigns






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