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Hi friends and family of Megan!

Our dear, sweet and beautiful friend had a pretty bad accident today (04/11/2014)  

The major, most intensive surgery (on her heart) went well and she will be having another reconstructive surgery on one of her legs tomorrow and will have more surgeries to come. She is currently recovering in ICU.

Of course our little lady is always finding the most stellar forms of transportstion ... So she came via life flight to the hospital ;-)  Thank goodness for the quick and even headed response of her friends on the road with her and the emergency response teams. We are lucky she is still with us today.

Much of the medical expenses will be coming directly from Megan and her family. As we all know life flight in itself is hurendously expensive... So we thought it would be good to have a place where donations can be excepted to help offset those costs.

If you would like to help out, little or big, it will all make an impact! 

Keep her in your prayers for a smooth recovery! Updates on her progress have been posted fairly regularly on her mom's facebook (Wendy Berry) and also on Megan's.

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  1. Updated posted by meganberry On Apr 19, 2014

    Friday 4/18

    Friday Update from Wendy Berry's facebook: 

    Megan is improving. It's been 1 week! Alex B brought her an ipod shuffle loaded with awesome music. (Thank you) She was in quite a lot of pain at 3am and decided to listen to music and started humming. I asked if she was going to sing me a song and she did! more like a whisper. 
    The song was "I won't Give Up" Yup, made me cry!! I think it will bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it now. Then she asked me to lay beside h...


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  2. Updated posted by meganberry On Apr 16, 2014

    Megan out of ICU!

    Just in ... Megan's mom posted a facebook update that she is out of ICU =) That is awesome!

    Wendy's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wendy.berry.754?fref=photo 


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  3. Updated posted by meganberry On Apr 16, 2014

    Megan on the rise!!

    Hi everyone!

    Firstly... Thank you so so sooooo much to those who have either donated with their time, their funds, by passing along info and the fundraising links... or all the above! It's so encouraging to see everyone from all areas of Megan's life pulling together to support her and her family in many ways.

    Megan is making major improvements... that girl is really something else. Between last Friday and yesterday when I have visited with her I would say I went from feeling shock (in horror) of how serious our friend/daughter/sister/loved one, condition was to feeling shock that the body can begin healing so quickly... with a lot of help from very qualified and caring doctors, nurses and support staff... it's truly m...


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