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At 34 weeks pregnant my fiancé Nina has just been diagnosed with cancer. We have had to have our baby delivered 6 weeks early by C section.(Baby boy is completely fine.) I cannot begin to explain the sickening weighted fear we are going through. After just watching her father pass away in October last year from brain cancer being pregnant gave her that light at the end of the tunnel and helped pull her through.

Just last week, I brought her to A&E with pains in her shoulder both thinking it was going to be pregnant growing pains as we had been told before. They did scans and told her they'd found lesions on her liver but it didn't add up why and how a girl of her age who is this fit and healthy also with other tests not adding up could have anything as sinister as cancer but they couldn't rule it out. After a biopsy, 2 days ago she was told she has Adenocarcinoma cancer in her liver and that we had to deliver the baby straight away by C section. CT scans have since confirmed that the primary cancer is located in the upper bowel.

We need help with any amount you can to help with specialised treatments and any additional therapies for my Nina. We are hoping for  targeted treatments such as Nano/ Cyber Knife or/and Avastin target the tumours faster alongside her chemotherapy. We were told that she would have to wait 4 weeks before starting her chemo because she has to heal properly from the emergency C section. We have to hit this as fast and hard as possible with literally everything and anything we can to help her through this. I am on my knees to you all for any help you can provide. You will be helping towards making it possible for my Nina to bring up our first new born son, for our son to always have his Mummy, and for me to always have my wonderful Nina. For us to just simply be a family! She is our whole world.

Kind regards

Ed Cusick

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  1. Updated posted by ninalangley On Mar 06, 2015

    Update 06/04/2015

    We honestly can't believe the generosity and lovely comments from so many people wanting to donate towards treatments for Nina.

    Its been a horrendous journey so far and without so many people behind her she wouldn't have had any positivity.

    Nina was recently told that there were many more lesions on her liver than we were first told. At first we were told 'A few'....Then we were told several. Just the other day we were told it was in double figures spread all over the liver. She was also told that the only treatment available to her was the basic Chemo which wouldn't get her better but would just hopefully prolong her life.

    We were then told that because of this Nano Knife would not be suitable at this time bec...


    1. # sally said

      Posted Mar 24, 2015

      Cannot imagine what you are going through. Stay strong and have faith, sending you my Love xxx

    2. [Image: Donna123]

      # Donna123 said

      Posted Mar 09, 2015

      Sending love, but you must never 'give up' xxxxxxxx

    3. [Image: aishlingrowe]

      # aishlingrowe said

      Posted Mar 09, 2015

      So sad news. I would highly recommended Chinese medicine as an alternative. This should not inter...

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