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Junior is a two year old cat that was rescued from a feral colony. Unfortunatly he has a Portosystemic Shunt aka liver shunt. It is a conditon where the blood vessel bypasses the liver, preventing the blood from being detoxified.

This build-up of toxins in the system can cause Hepatic Encephalopathy. Symptoms such as circling, running into walls, head pressing, blindness, sudden aggression, drooling, and seizures may occur. By the time we had a firm diagnosis Junior was displaying most of the symptoms. The veterinary team at UC Davis said we needed to get him satablized before a seizure killed him. Thankfully the perscription diet and medications have helped and we can look at moving forward and having the liver shunt surgically repaired with an Ameroid Ring Constrictor. The Ameroid Ring slowly constricts the vessel over time until it closes off.  

Junior is a cat that has stolen all of our hearts. Please help us save him.



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    Junior's Journey


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  2. Updated posted by Juniorbarkavious On May 11, 2015

    Thank You

    I want to thank each and every one of you helped us raise enough money for Junior to have ameroid ring surgery. He is doing well. In a few weeks we will do another bile acid test to see if we can start weaning him off his medications.


    I will start emailing out thank you cards this week. If anyone prefers a to have a hardcopy mailed please give me your home address.


    Thank you,




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      Posted Apr 28, 2015

      I want to Thank Everyone who helped us reach our goal so Junior could have his surgery. We disc...

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