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About This Fundraiser

Our beloved Nang was tragically killed in a road accident at 9am 19/04/2015.  This happy little jungle girl touched so many people's hearts and was more loved than she will ever know. She was a sweet soul, always full of warmth, cheek and laughter.

Nang's departure from our world came suddenly and unexpectedly, and her family are in despair.  In addition to the loss of their daughter, they also are tasked with arranging the many funerals and ceremonies involved in farewelling dear Nang.  Nang's immediate family are villagers and fisherman, living on the island of Koh Ta Kiev with little money and nowhere to hold an appropriate funeral.  Subsequently Nang's funeral was held at her Aunty's house in Koh Kong province. As the family could not afford to keep Nang at a morgue, her cremation was arranged to be held 12 hours after she died.

In Cambodian culture, priests, monks and virgins are not to be cremated in the same place as others. They are considered pure and are honored differently by a special ceremony at the family home and a solitary cremation atop a grand ceremonial structure. In Nang's case, her family could not afford this ceremony and were planning a normal cremation at the Pagoda. We felt that Nang deserved to be farewelled in the proper way, and covered the cost of her funeral at the family home.

Cambodian culture depicts that Nang's spirit will remain on Eath for 7 days after she passed. After this time, a second major ceremony should be held to release her spirit from this world to be reborn.  If the ceremony is not held, they believe that Nang's spirit will become trapped in the world of the living and haunt them for the rest of their days.

At a funeral, it is commonplace for friends to leave donations for the family to cover the costs of these ceremonies.  Whist many donations were left for Nang's family, they were not enough to cover even one ceremony. The prices of everything involved are currently inflated due to the high road toll during Khmer New Year.  

This fundraiser is to raise money for Nang's spiritual farewell next weekend.  If the target is not reached, we will cover the remainder to ensure Nang gets the sendoff she deserves. If there is excess, it will all be given to Nang's family to help them through these hard times.

Thank you so much for your concern and generosity.  

- The Crusoe Island Crew  







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  1. Updated posted by crusoeisland On Apr 21, 2015

    Thank you

    Dear friends of Nang

    It took less than 12 hours to raise the goal of $700, and 24 hours in we are now over $1000 which was unexpected but an absolutely wonderful achievement!  Thank you all so much for your wishes and generosity.  Once Nang's tribute is finished we will provide an online copy for you to download.

    In the interests of complete transparency, we would like to explain the situation in detail and our plans for these funds. Initially the Crusoe Crew donated $600 to ensure the correct funeral went ahead.  When this money was donated, many villagers approached us for additional money for made up fees. We saw through this and declined. Unfortunately we can't be sure all of that money went to Nang'...


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